Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Classico... sopra le righe" - Fashion editorial

Search, pre-production, development of the project for the realization of shooting and editorial... are the work of Fashion Stylist... My role.

"Polly Magoo" is a French movie of '60s about fashion world. This was my starting point to imagine and develop my editorial idea. 

Layout... make-up and hair... some samples. And layouts of outfits.  

Photography: Igor Imhoff
Post production: Igor Imhoff and Silvia Galasso (alias MarchesaMora)
Styling: Silvia Galasso (alias MarchesaMora)
Hair&Make-up: Sara Menegazzi

Model: Mattia Sattin
Supervision: Monia Pedretti

Accademia del Lusso (Treviso - Italy) school of fashion and design.


  1. Ciao cara, lavoro stupendo davvero! *_* Ricerca, gusto e stile non comuni :) Complimentissimi!!