Thursday, May 31, 2012

A dark Spell - Fashion editorial

Search, pre-production, development of the project for the realization of shooting and editorial... are the work of Fashion Stylist... This is my role. Starting from our keywords: how many roads we could go? Keywords were FIRE and the fashion brand VALENTINO.  
Layout... Sample pictures of our ideal hairstyle, make-up, stage lights and so on. 
Layout: outfits and possible sample poses.

Photography: Max Bertoli
Post production: Silvia Galasso (alias MarchesaMora)
Hair&Make-up: Davide Cristinelli
Styling: Silvia Galasso (alias MarchesaMora) and Shanna Kovalenko 

Model: Margherita Pizzato
Supervision: Monia Pedretti

Accademia del Lusso (Treviso - Italy) school of fashion and design.

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